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We provide reliability engineering consulting and coaching dedicated to leading electronics and electromechanical systems design companies and manufacturers to new, more efficient, and practical methods of rapid reliability development and assurance. We teach HALT and HASS methods along with strategies for adaptation and implementation on your products.

    • Do you want to find the weak links in a design before it is released to production?
    • Are your electronic and electromechanical products warranty returns too high?
    • Are your customers complaining about poor reliability?
    • Do you want to increase the reliability of your products at the lowest costs?

With our direction and guidance in new reliability development and testing paradigms, companies have achieved a documented 90% reduction of warranty returns over traditional electronics reliability development methods.

Although the terms HALT and HASS have been around for over 20 years, there is much confusion and misunderstanding in its application. HALT is highly adaptive and we can help you sort through the confusion and provide specific detailed answers to applying HALT and HASS methods on your product to reduce reliability development time and prevent your customers from finding reliability weaknesses for your products.

We show how to apply physics of failure and stress testing for effective accelerated electronic reliability development and how it will result in reduced development time, warranty costs, and the mature product reliability at market release.

If you are applying HALT and HASS currently, we can review your testing program and provide new opportunities for prognostics and discriminators to protect against shipping an unreliable product. We

also provide:

Strategic Reliability Consulting and Coaching

Reliability Test Planning and Procedures

Here is a link to my new book co-authored with John J. Paschkewitz available from Amazon "Next Generation HALT and HASS: Robust Design of Electronics and Systems"


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