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Thermal HALT– A Tool for Discovery of Signal Integrity and Software Reliability Issues
This is an unpublished article that discusses the benefits of using thermal limits to discovery timing and signal quality issues due to hardware and assembly variations.
Next Generation HALT and HASS book cover
Here is a link to my new book co-authored with John J. Paschkewitz available from Amazon:
"Next Generation HALT and HASS: Robust Design of Electronics and Systems"

New Reliability Podcast Series

Listen to Fred Schenkelberg and I discuss HALT and reliability, and other leaders in the industry discuss reliability engineering at Fred's new website Reliability-FM at Accendo Reliability where you will find "Speaking of Reliability" and the "Dare to Know" podcast series. The series of Podcast can also be subscribed to and downloaded from ITunes.

Tim Rodgers and I discussed reliability engineering in Fred's "Dare to Know" Podcast (link below). 

One of the explanations for the need to change from Reliability Predictions to Empirical Discovery Methods

"Reliability Predictions - Continued Reliance on a Misleading Approach"

This most excellent government white paper was given at the 2013 RAMS event should be required reading for all management and reliability engineers focused on traditional reliability predictions. Assumptions of the causes of  unreliability  in electronics systems continues to misdirect efforts to improve reliability.  Download and distribute freely to help eliminate the mythology of the value of reliability predictions for electronics systems.

Here are slides from an April 9, 2013 ARS presentation at The CTEA Test Symposium
A very good paper by Fred Schenkelberg (WWW.NOMTBF.COM) on Reliability Program Reliability ROI

Grundfos, is an enlightened company when it comes to understanding the fallacy of traditional reliability prediction methods, shared the reasons traditional electronics reliability prediction methods are invalid. 

Published in the Nov/Dec 2011 IEEE Design & Test of Computers 


"Long-Term Thermal Overstressing of Computers" co-authored with Michael Pecht, Founder and Chairman of the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE)



Significant opportunities exist to reduce costs in the design, manufacture, and operation of systems by using temperatures higher than specified in testing systems' reliability. The authors share the findings and observations of an experimental study in which they subjected operating computers to high steady-state temperatures and thermal cycling well beyond their design specifications. The results suggest that significant cost savings can be realized without compromising reliability .

White Paper:
"Electronics Testing Into the 21st Century: Success in Test Is in Strength Capabilities, Not Environmental Specifications"
A brief overview of the HALT and HASS approach with some examples of significant improvements with small changes to a electronics system