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    The best way to introduce the new approach of HALT and HASS to your company is through an in-house seminar. All key individual design and test engineers can gain a common understanding of Accelerated Stress Boundary and Limit Test methods and many of the typical questions regarding this process can be answered. A key factor in successful implementation is the participation of management in understanding and supporting these cost saving test processes. Additionally, there is a significant cost savings in eliminating the travel expenses and absence from the workplace that off-site seminars require.


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    What Past Seminar/Webinar Attendees have said:

    "The HALT seminar provided by Kirk Gray was one of the best investment that we have made; books and papers are excellent tools to learn these new concepts but nothing outperform having a person in house who actually has his hands on the product while at the same time explains in great detail concepts that one with a vast experience can only explain."
    - Juan J. Estevez -
    Product Assurance Engineer
    Tyco Retail Solutions

    "After Kirk’s HALT to HASS Webinar, which a dozen or so participated from Hayward, interest was renewed. Very soon after the Webinar with Kirk, Halt tests were conducted (and continuing to be conducted) with the inputs and test setup from the electronics Design group that participated in the Webinar. This was a positive change from previous experience with the electronics Design group as it relates to Halt testing and test setup."
    Mike Johnson, Reliability Engineer, Hayward Pool Products,
    Base Outline of our HALT and HASS Webinar and Seminars - We Adapt Training to Your Needs 

    Basics of Accelerated Reliability Improvement through Empirical Stress Boundary and Limit Testing


    Why Accelerated Step Stress?

    • Reliability Prediction is a misleading approach – failures in electronics systems can be phenomenologically complex, chaning processes and materials make a moving target for models.
    • Many mechanisms and variability in manufacturing and end-use life cycle stress
    • Test to Limits + determine root causes + learn the physics of failure remove weak links -  create robust products


    History of  Reliability Engineering and Environmental Stress Testing and Screening
    • 1950 - 1970  Military Handbook 217
    • 1970 -1980 Burn-in, Willis J. Willoughby's NAVMAT P-9492
    • 1980 's- today, AST and ESS - and current best commercial practices 
    Mechanisms and Environmental Stress     
    • Components and stress stimuli
    • Systems and stress stimuli
    • Acceleration of electronic lifetimes; is MTBF a valid measure of electronics life?
    • Wearout modes in electronics, if not MTBF, then what terminology to use?


     Use of Stress in Design Evaluation and Improvement

    • Benefits; limitations
    • Types of Stress Stimuli
    • Levels of stress


    Environmental Stress Stimuli
    • Thermal - how it helps in stimulation of marginal software/firmware to find operational reliability issues
    • Vibration - ED versus Repetitive Shock Systems
    • Combinations of Stresses


    Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
    • How to perform a highly accelerated life test on electronic hardware
    • When to use a single stimulus and when to combine stimuli?
    • How high a level of stress is high enough?
    • Are failures under high levels of stress relevant to field reliability?
    • What equipment is needed? What Personnel?
    • Step Stress test at what point in the design for manufacture? At what assembly level?
    • What data should we gather? How should we analyze it?


    Highly Accelerated Stress Screens (HASS)
    • Development and determination of appropriate stimuli levels
    • Proof of Screen - How  test  can insure we don't damage good products.
    • Highly Accelerated Stress Audits (HASA)
    • Examples of electronic systems HASS processes


    Concerns and long term improvements in HALT and HASS
    • When do we stop screening?
    • How do we optimize our screen?
    • Optimizing the vibration and thermal fixturing
    • Feedback from screening and long term process improvement


    Other Beneficial uses of Environmental Step Stress
      • Benchmarking Suppliers - use step stress to select more reliable components
      • Benchmarking Competitors - use step stress to evaluate your their quality and robustness.
      • Use stress to precipitate  and detect issues in NDF (No Defect Found) Boards

    We provide seminars to address your specific product HALT and HASS applications and issues directly from Accelerated Reliability Solutions L.L.C.

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